Earn Extra Monthly Income 

With ibüümerang, you can generate an extra monthly income by providing customers with free access codes.  With the free code, customers can access our iGo4Less booking site and  save up to 35% on hotels, car rentals, resort destinations and other travel related items.  Each time a customer books on the iGo4Less site, ibüümerang pays a commission equal to 50% of the total customer savings.  

​For example – if a customer uses the iGo4Less site and saves $600, then ibüümerang pays a $300 travel savings bonus (e.g. 50% x the customer savings of $600).  The customer savings calculation is based on a real-time comparison of the iGo4Less price versus the lowest available public site prices. ​

ibüümerang has designed this free access code system to create a “Perpetual Residual Income Builder (PRIB)“.  The PRIB currently provides customers access to the iGo4Less booking site, but will soon be adding additional vertical markets. 

To learn more about the ibüümerang opportunity and PRIB,
review the videos and information provided on this website.

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