Global Package Options

Coach Class Global Package 

  • $299.95 + $99.95 monthly business subscription 
  • Receive 10 büümerang codes, 10% Dual Team Commission and 5 new büümerang codes with the monthly subscription
  • *Includes the $49.95 standby package

Business Class Global Package 

  • $549.95 + $99.95 monthly business subscription 
  • Receive 25 büümerang codes, 12% Dual Team Commission and 10 new büümerang codes with the monthly subscription
  • *Includes the $49.95 standby package

First Class Global Package  

  • $1,049.95 + $99.95 monthly business subscription 
  • Receive 50 büümerang codes, 15% Dual Team Commission and 10 new büümerang codes with the monthly subscription
  • *Includes the $49.95 standby package

All 3 packages include the ibüümerang back office (business management system), which provides members access to all of the reporting tools, commission tracking, iGo member site, and iDecide interactive presentation system.

Note: the Coach and Business packages include the opportunity to upgrade to the First Class Global Package (by paying only the price difference) within the first 60-days of purchase date. 

Qualifying Volume (QV)  &  Business Volume (BV) 

  • Coach Class Global Package:  250 QV  /  200 BV
  • ​Business Class Global Package:  500 QV  /  400 BV
  • First Class Global Package:  1000 QV  /  800 BV
  • Monthly Business Subscription: $99.95 (75 BV) / $49.95 (35 BV)
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Example Invite 

Example Question to Ask
“Would you like to generate an extra monthly income by providing customers with free access codes?”

Example Email to Send
Subject Line: ibüümerang Information

Contact Name,

With ibüümerang, you can earn an extra monthly income by providing customers with a free access code.  With the free code, customers can access our iGo4Less booking site and  save up to 35% on hotels, car rentals, resort destinations and other travel related items.  Each time a customer books on the iGo4Less site, ibüümerang pays a commission equal to 50% of the total customer savings.

​For example – if a customer uses the iGo4Less site and saves $600, then ibüümerang pays a $300 travel savings bonus (e.g. 50% x the customer savings of $600).  The customer savings calculation is based on a real-time comparison of the iGo4Less price versus the lowest available public site prices. ​

ibüümerang has designed this free access code system to create a “Perpetual Residual Income Builder (PRIB)“.  The PRIB currently provides customers access to the iGo4Less booking site, but will soon be adding additional vertical markets. 

When you have chance, review the company business introduction website:

Thank you.

Your Name
TSA Number

Important Action Items & Goals 

  • Back Office Settings – Be sure to properly set your binary placement preferences and create your e-wallet account
  • Binary Qualification – Sponsor (1) active TSA on your left team and (1) active TSA on your right team
  • Customer Acquisition Goal (Within 1st 30 days) – 10 (or more) activated customers (both on iGo and Vibe Rides)
  • Sapphire Rank Goal (Within 1st 90 days) – 15,000 total QV in a calendar month (with a minimum of 4 personally sponsored active TSAs -> 2 on Left Team and 2 on Right Team)
  • Team Development Goal (Within 1st Year) – Build a team of 500 (or more) who each have 10 (or more) activated customers 
  • Professional Inviter – Learn how to properly invite qualified customers and qualified entrepreneurs.

FAQ, Knowledge Base & TSA Support 

Your customers must activate the free access code you send them on the website prior to using the iGo booking site or downloading the Vibe Rides app  

  • Customer iGo booking site address:
  • Member iGo booking site: login to the iGo site from within in your ibüümerang back office (by simply clicking the iGo image)
  • Vibe Rides website address:

iGo4Less Customer Training